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-- 创建用户表
create table  user1
(id number(5) primary key ,
username varchar2(10),
password varchar2(10),
rid number(10));

create table student(sid number(10)  primary key,
stu_name varchar2(20),
sex number(10),
age number(10),
cid number(10),
birthday date,
photo_name varchar2(2000),
photo_path varchar2(2000) 

create table clazz(
cid number(10) primary key,
clazz_name varchar2(1000)

drop table if exists bonus;

insert into clazz(clazz_name) values(1,'一年级');
insert into clazz(cid,clazz_name) values(2,'一年级');
insert into clazz(cid,clazz_name) values(3,'一年级');
insert into clazz(cid,clazz_name) values(4,'四年级');
insert into clazz(clazz_name) values('71年级');

update clazz set cid=6 where cid=68;

delete from clazz where cid=4;

select * from clazz;


create sequence cid_sequence  
      minvalue     1  
      start with   1  
      increment by 1  
      nocycle  ;
create trigger cid_table_trigger before insert on clazz for each row when(new.cid is null)  
    select cid_sequence.nextval into:new.cid from dual;  
drop trigger sid_student_trigger;
 -- 分页
  select * from (select c.*,rownum-1 rid from clazz c) where rid >=2 and rid <= 3 ;

select count(1) from clazz;
--最大值   平均值   最小值
select max(cid),avg(cid),min(cid) from clazz;

insert into student (stu_name,sex,age,cid) values ('张三2',1,20,2);
insert into student (stu_name,sex,age,cid) values ('张三3',1,20,2);
insert into student (stu_name,sex,age,cid) values ('张三4',1,20,2);

select * from student s;

select s.stu_name,c.clazz_name 
from student s,clazz c 
where s.cid=c.cid;

update student set cid=1 where sid=1;
update student set cid=3 where sid=3;

select count(*),cid from student group by cid;

select index_name, table_name, column_name from user_ind_columns where table_name='student' 

/*mysql  oracle区别:
1.分页      mysql:limit             oracle: rownum
2.自增      mysql:auto_increment    oracle:自增序
3.数据类型  mysql:int   varchar     oracle:number varchar2 blob
4.非空验证  mysql:!=""  null        oracle:is not null    没有""
5.分组      mysql:group             oracle:select column group by column
6.别名      mysql:as  空格          oracle:as  报错       空格ok
7.用户      mysql:root              oracle:scott
              mysql:mysqladmin -u root -p old password "new";
              oracle:alter user user_name identified by new_password
9.存在判断: mysql:if exists        oracle:没有

alter user scott identified by scott;

net start OracleServiceORCL

net start OracleServiceORCL

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